The FROM YOU WITH LOVE project was started in 2010 by 3 friends who survived the Ladakh floods and wanted to help the affected area. Sabine Roemer, who was one of the friends is a jeweller so they had the idea to sell bracelets she created. With every bracelet you purchase, YOU will support a child in need. From YOU with love  

Our work - mission and their future

We are supporting the The Phukthar Monastic School and their students in the Zanskar area. Some of the children graduated and we gave them scholarships to continue on their educational path. Our future goal is to help building a new school in the valley, where the children can be educated and play in a safe environment.This would be the first time girls would be allowed to go to school there.

Sabine Roemer & Team

The Phukthar Monastic School

The Bracelet

Our Story

On August 6, 2010 
 in the middle of the night a dramatic natural disaster occurred. A‘CLOUD BURST’ hit the entire Himalayan region of North India including Leh, Ladakh. The torrential downpour – 14 inches within 2 hours caused FLASH FLOODS throughout the area causing massive destruction – many perished.71 towns and villages were damaged 234 persons died and over 800 were reported missing. Homes, Bridges, Roads and the Airport was destroyed.
We were there.
It was life changing. We are forever grateful and fortunate, that the people we were with from LADAKH were caring and warm, they put our safety before even theirs and helped us evacuate through Kargil and then Kashmir – the only route left open….


Help us today and purchase a bracelet to support the children of the Zanskar area. Your money goes either to support a child per year with schoolbooks, uniforms, shelter or medicine. 

“Ain't no mountain high enough for us to get the help they need”

 Ceila Wise, Co-founder